Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Super Wish

We are going to held our Christmas Party on Dec.19,2009 (Saturday) at 7pm here in our apartment and i will be welcoming almost 30 persons. This will be actually a triple celebration because that day is Bibingclara's 17 months anniversary and an ealier celebration of my birthday (we are out of paris the day of my birthday).

Of course, we are going to have an exchange gift which costs 10 euros (very affordable). I didn't buy yet coz i am so lazy going out. Its chilling outside and i prefer to stay home maybe i will do my buying this weekend.
well, at this moment while Bibingclara's sleeping (wednesday no nursery day) i am in front of the computer doing blogging blah blah blaahh searching on the internet things i would like to see (coz can't buy) just enjoying the time seeing them hehehehe

Now i  would like to make a list wishing santa could read this wheeww.. :)

Wish List :

Trench Coat
Leather butch

Nespresso Coffee Maker

Bread Machine

Steam ironing press Calor supergliss

Wrist watch

Hand Bag

Mobile phone

Belt bag for Claudebiko , Body Suits for Bibingclara

A Supplementary Cheque worth 1,000 euro so i can do my shopping hehehe

Claudebiko are you reading this???

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