Friday, June 18, 2010

Caesar salad dressing

I like the concept of the restaurant where i worked before. If you will order a menu, you'll have the privelege to go unlimited trip to their soup and salad bar. When i had the chance to eat there during my day offs ( with friends ) i always go for the soup and salad buffet. As starter, i always look for mushroom soup ( it has two option clear or creamy soup) and eat it with soft bun spread with butter or herb paté ( oh i like it so much ). I always wanted to make my own mushroom soup at home so one day i gave myself a try ( i bought big mushrooms in the open market ). My mushroom soup came out not good, ( frustating ) ended up in the trash. Well, next time i'll do better. Practice makes perfect :)
 Button mushroom ( champignon de Paris ) when i was young, called it 'bahay ng duwende' hehehe
Now, go to salad. When eating salad, ( i've only tasted lettuce type salad before ) i mixed everything on my plate and opted for thousand island dressing. I like their version! I haven't try to make my own probably sooner soon as i get a good recipe of it. They have caesar dressing ( i do not appreciate it much before ) and sometimes blue cheese dressing. I am not expert of making salad sauce the only salad sauce i had learned from my mother in law was Vinaigrette. 
Actually, i bought 3 bottles of lady's choice salad dressing from philippines in rustan's supermarket. I had opened already the thousand island and haven't tried yet the caesar and garlic ranch dressing.
As an adventurous woman in the world of cooking, ( nyay! ) i naturally have the pleasure of trying certain things on my own. I atempted to make caesar dressing last time when we've got fresh garlics. Here's how :
1 hard boiled egg
25g parmesan cheese
2 tsp capers
1/2 tsp mustard
half of lemon juice
2 cloves garlic
150ml oil
salt and pepper
Direction :
Cut the hard boiled egg into parts, place them in the small salad bowl. Using a mixer, add all the ingredients. Rectify the dressing. Season with salt and pepper. 
                                       Caesar salad dressing
I've got the contentment on my caesar dressing, it comes out well. We still have loads of garlic in the fridge, i would like to try making garlic ranch dressing next time :)

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