Friday, June 18, 2010

Cherry pie

The other day, i saw loads of cherries selling in the market with their different prices. I've been thinking is it their season now? seems like early i thought they will be in july/august. I get curious! I love red fruits especially their aroma ( like strawberries, red apples and raspberry hmm.. ) so what i did, i bought cherries in two different fruit seller :)
Red cherries 12.95 euros/kilo payed 7.77 euros for about 600 grms.
Dark cherries bought a punnet of 250g for 2.95 euros

The verdict, i love the taste of the cherries above it was so sweet. The cherries below tastes like "duhat" it has its own sweetness too but i prefer the red one. Next time, i'll try to do cake with cherries but i have to find out which variety of cherries are good to mix in with cakes :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

hehehe, i will post something about cherries to later in my blog, naunahan mo na pala ako friend ;)

Maruhya said...

ako naman naunahan mo sa sphag hehe