Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ang aming masayang Mia

Mia, our sweet kitten is include as one of the member in our family. We opened widely our both arms for her and we are very contented to have her. She looks very contented too to be a part of us.
I can't described how happiness Bibingclara has every morning. They kiss, play, do silly things and sleep together.
I've got the feeling that i have two daughters. Double responsibilities, double worries! Last weekend, we brought mia with us for a weekend in Ile de ré. We went there by train and during the travel she was too quiet ( too kind ). We bought a new basket to transport her ( to make her feel comfortable too when she sleep ) because the old basket we have ( old basket of Claudebiko's cat before ) is quite small now for her.
                                          Old rattan basket
                                         New plastic basket
I was impressed because when we arrived, ( Claudebiko place her litter box on the side of water closet ) she gets pipi. Good girl mia! good girl! :)

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