Friday, May 28, 2010

Mia miaw

I am not into cats but surely i prefer to have a cat than dog at home. We actually wanted to have our own kitten ( since last year ) to grow with my daughter. Now, we had a cutie one. Maine Coon. Meet our kitten named MIA. She is 2 months old.
We had the luck because Mia is a well-trained kitten. She is so cute! I can spend my time caressing her all the time.
Bibingclara is so happy to have our Mia
Mama is happy too. Now, i have two girls to look after :)


mavic said...

hehhehhehe.....what a cute kittie named mia?>....pangalan palang nga eh.. pang artista na....mabuti na yan at masubukan mo mag alaga ng nasubukan mo na din mag alaga ng tao... heheheh.. joke! yah!

Maruhya said...

yeah sistah! its a quite challenging kasi sa pinas sinisipa sipa lang ang pusa dito minamahal talaga hehehe :)