Monday, June 14, 2010


I am giving away the freedom of my rubber tsinelas to come back home soon. I even tried to sell them in garage sale but it seems like they're preferred to return back to the philippines where i bought them. Hop! Balikbayan box pls!  I get fascinated with their girly girl colors and in reality, i used them so rarely. I could say that since i bought them, i've been use it only one time a year ( they're still in good condition ) aside from that they're comes with a small heels ( it's not a flat one ) eh tipalukin pa naman ako hehehe that's why i am giving them away. So if you have the same size as mine, yeah! lucky ka :)
The pink one bought in Tomato, and a pair of blue bought in one of the boutique at Sm north-edsa ( can't remember the name ) three years ago.

I am not lucky to inherit my father's feet hehehe pero im lucky enough to have Havaianas pasalubong directly from Brazil.
 I fell in love when i see it's lovely color - Top Mix Grape
Havaianas baby estampas syempre for Bibingclara
An extra pair of Havaianas slim blue that given by my sister in law. She just only use it during the travel. Slim edition doesn't make me please a cause of my paang malapad hehehe sistah, this wonderful pair is already reserved for you antay nlang ang box yipeeee!!! :)


mavic said...

sis......can't wait to fit that slipper......hurry send it ryt away...... hhehheh....thnks....mwaaaaaaaah

Maruhya said...

Yap! i am actually preparing my second box to be send before xmas! excited din kasi ako eh hehehehe :)

SimpleMomRizza said...

uy Maruh ang cute ng last pair yung slim!

Maruhya said...

oo nga cute nya yung slim edition kaya lang talagang pangit sya sa paa ko eh ang pangit kasi ng paa ko eh huhuhu