Monday, June 14, 2010

Dinner at Pizza Italia

We had our dinner at Pizza d'italia  one night when my sister in law arrived in Paris after the tour. Pizza d'italia is just around and it becomes our favorite place to dining out each time we have visitors. No stress, no worries in the kitchen just a short walk away from home.
They came quite late in the restaurant because they're still in the train on their way to meet us. We ordered Antipasti in advance while waiting. It's a variety of deli meat like pancetta,salami,ham and on the sides with the preserved italian specialty like dried tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, button mushrooms, green and black olives, artichoke, and aubergine.
When they arrived, we begin to order first for Bibingclara. She was so hungry already. We ordered fries for her with italian ham on the sides that she really enjoyed. For me, as usual the non-dying Parpadella pasta with cèpe mushroom and Calabresella pizza for Claudebiko. They ordered pizza as well and we all shared the Antipasti that is good enough for four. We had white italian wine with it and Red wine for the red wine lovers like them. No dessert for me as i am not liking to have one. To finish our dinner, sister in law ordered creme brulée for her. We had eaten good and went directly home after.
What a big surprise when they opened a gift for Bibingclara. They found this hand made betty toy made of fine sticks in a shop in brazil. They were actually thinking that it was my daughter who loves Betty boop more than me :) well, they're right because Bibingclara loves Betty too. Like mother, like daughter ika nga :)
And as a remembrance from the town of Rio de Janeiro she offered me a nice umbrella. Thanks hipag! we really liked all your pasalubong :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

gusto ko ng fries :)

Maruhya said...

Bibingclara will give you some di nya maubos eh hehehe big serving :)