Monday, June 14, 2010

Flan with coco

I used to make flan with always the same recipe ( papa's recipe ) over a years. Last saturday, i tried to make leche flan with a coco nutty flavor for a change. I made only small batch enough to bring to a friends dinner invite. My sister in law also got the chance to taste it ( still on cooling in the fridge actually ) together with her husband with a cup of coffee before heading on the airport ( their departure day ). Everybody likes my flan au coco even our cat hehehe :)
Ingredients :
 400g condensed milk 
4 eggs
50cl milk 
75g dessicated coconut ( 125g but i lessened mine )
 Procedure : 

In the bowl, mix all the ingredients except caramel. Glace the little ramequins with caramel place them in the bigger baking tray with water for steaming later. 
Pour in the mix ingredients in the ramequins. Set the oven at 170°c bake/steam for about 30 mins.
Before serving, let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours
Then serve it! Enjoy :)

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