Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pasalubong / mes cadeaux (2éme partie)

I have still got plenty of kados pasalubong pabaon from my sistah. She gave me 12 bottles of spicy spanish sardines. I haven't been stressed about our kilo's because i know it will gonna be ok ( they are all in glass bottles) I did not refuse to take them, I grabbed them all! :)
I generously gave some of my bottle sardines to my friends here (that was my sister's intended) we usually eat sardines with buttered french bread as a starter. So delicious! me, i can eat it with rice and savour with some seasoning ( solve na! ) i've also got bottles of pinakurat suka (a spicy vinegar), turones de mani, kasuy tarte and pastillas (specialties in some part of manila) all pampataba! hehehe :)
When we were at thome, she showed me a betty coin bank (she doesn't like to give it to me coz she has her full coins already inside) So, one night she went home with betty boop keychain and betty boop wallet ( my 1st ever betty of  2010 ) and telling "oh ayan na si betty boop mo!" (nakunsensya ata hehehe)
She knows me, i am a dying hard fan of betty boop so she offered me her 3 pcs. old betty kitchen towels ( walang patawad! ) kahit na medyo me kalumaan na kinuha ko pa rin! huh :)
                                                                     Sistah and Me
 It was her who gave me my first betty boop towel when i was a student simula nun nag collect na ako. Sayang! (Dommage!) We haven't had enough chance na mag bonding ng matagal together.
Pero ganunpaman na kapag bonding kame kahit na kaunti. (She treated me a massage, i forgot the name of the Spa picture taking is not allowed but i did it without a flash) We had a great massage, food  (they had a buffet) so nagkainan bonding din kame.
                                                            Nagpa hair style sa mall
                                                      She bought a plantsa/kulot thing for her
                                                                   Nag halo-halo
                                                             Kumain ng palabok sa Razon's

My sistah likes all pampalandi thing! she likes shoes too (she has plenty of pairs at home) she is a beauty concious woman. Ako? well, im into food hehehe i loved to eat (a big difference from her) actually it shows naman sexy sya, ako mataba huhuhu
                                                     Kantahan bonding with my sistah
We tried my new Magic sing  (she offered me one) and i am using it often at home. Bibingclara likes to sing Bahay-kubo from the karaoke.
These photos were taken one night before our departure ( we attended a birthday dinner of a friend in quezon city)
Obviously, I am enjoying my buntot ng baka soup (i've got a recipe of it!) it was souuupppperrrr delicious! i would like to make my own version one day (the bday girl beside me wearing a red shirt)

When i leave (the driver droves me home back first at the hotel) my sistah was crying. saying goodbye is not always easy! yeah it was hard ( the reason why i do not wish to bring us back to the airport) she's been known as a crying lady hehehe i dont wanna feel sad looking at her crying.

Next time i will visit again, i will make sure to have a long bonding time with my sistah. We missed so much each other (i am her little baby sistah) we are very close (not so far hehehe) Its for you my sistah. I love you and i am missing you already. I would like to say thank you for everything! Thank you for all! I will still be here your sister next to you and YOU will always be my "Ate" you always take care... No cry Pls.... :)

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