Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dried Mango / Mangue séchée

We came back home with our suitcases full of things that we bought from Philippines. I had packed them well and perfectly checked that we haven't forget anything (except for a new rice cooker to bring with :( ).Well, that would be for a next time I made sure as well that i put a lock, with that nobody can steal our mangoes (Exag) Not exaggerating hehehe Dried Mango is popular and we love it very much and we doesn't like that they will disappear without any justice! hehehe Claudebiko had already a bad experience about bringing dried mangoes. Here's the story Annie, (our friend) gave him a dozen pieces of dried mangoes the last time he went home. Claudebiko put them all at the exterior pocket of his luggage (without any lock just a zip) then what was happened? for sure all was stolen. Sayang! So he said "this time we have to be careful"
Thanks to our Kumare's who gave us dried mangoes as "Pabaon". We have got 2 dozens of Guadalupe 200g from Annie, 10 pcs Cebu 100g dried mango chips from Naomi and 6 pcs Cebu 100g dried green mango that i bought from the supermarket.
Not that all! I also bought 6 pcs Cebu 88 banana chips. I haven't had any left dried bananas (it was so so good too) dried guyabano and dried pineapple. 
And lastly, a special thanks to my Kumareng Ero who gave me these yummy assorted biscuits from Malabon. I cannot name them all what i know is Masarap silang lahat hehehe (nilantakan ko muna yung Biskotso) I have got a pack of Otap, Kamachile, Biskotso, Egg drops, Oval sweetcuits, and another pack of round biscuits tastes of cinnamon. Once again, BIG THANKS MGA KUMARE!!! :)

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