Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food shopping / faire les courses alimentaires

Our hotel is located near edsa so if we want to go eat out or to do food shopping very easy and accessible. The only thing we have to do is to cross the road. One day, we were at SM grocery store because i was looking for a ripe mangoes and ripe bananas for Bibingclara. A big changes inside, they are widely big now and you can find everything. I was busy choosing fruits at the fruit section (Claudebiko's also busy taking up photos) when one men came to me and told "Mam bawal po ang picture". He cannot tell directly to Claudebiko so he passed on me his message. I understand its for their Security well, we have to respect so i listened. I yelled to Claudebiko "Hey, c'est interdit! c'est interdit!" Too late he have got already some photos.
Gulaman at Sago
 Shredded Vegetables
 Laing,Ubod,Monggo sprouts at Langka 
Fresh noodles,Corn,Carrots and Peas 

Now that they have cuts ready! Iluluto at recipe nalang ang kulang :)

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