Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marang ou Durian?

I never knew this fruit before. When my sister bought Marang i thought it was a Durian  she forced me to taste it but i refused. I do not eat Durian because of its strong odor and i do not like it much. She insisted me once again to give it a try. She said "Gaga ang sarap!" well, because she's older than me hehe (peace sistah) i did try.
Grabe! Heaven! Ang bigat! Ang Sarap-sarap nga! As in ... i tasted it! the flesh is so sweet! the odor doesn't bothered me (odor is much less than durian). I asked her where she bought it and she said "secret" huh! because of the heavenly taste of this fruit i can't even remember its name until one day when my friend had us visit at home i made her show this photo (because i can just say parang Durian). My friend shouted " Ay! its Marang!) yeah Marang is really good.
That's my cousin's hand (vheron) she was like me at the beginning who doesn't had the courage to eat it. We almost finish everything muntik na ngang di matirahan si sistah hehehe well, in the end i learned that you wouldn't have to go in the province to eat Marang because they are available at SM supermarket and you can buy them at reasonable price (depends of its availability). Now, i have to look for it too here in Chinese Store. Who know's :)


mavic said...

ooooooh...di ba?!!!..ang sarap.....ganda ng kamay sarap din putulin... hehehhe

Maruhya said...

hehehe grabe ka talaga sis, napaka bayolente mo talaga hehehe miss yah!!!