Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miss Coco / Mademoiselle Coco

Edvi, my friend has flown right from Texas to spend 5 days tour in Paris with her family. Second purpose? To award herself by buying bag from Channel. She's collecting signature bags and she truly worked hard for it good enough to treat herself and made her shopping in Galeries Lafayette . They visited us in our apartment, we had lunch and spent little time chitchatting.
We haven't seen each other for ages. I was so happy to see her here and when i flashback, i could still remember that we both enrolled in Arena Gym in Quezon Avenue. She was the one who influenced me to go on get fit (because i was desperada that time) i guess we have the same reason hehehe i kid. I was motivated in the beginning but in the end, i ended up lazy working out at all and all  i just wanted  is to have my massage. Looking at us, since we are both became mom now we gets bigger and bigger but hey, its not an excuse hehehe :)  Anyway, worth it naman coz we both have cutie toddlers.
It's Gabby her son, he's only a year older than Bibingclara. My Bibingclara was trying to give him a kiss. Anak do not show up that you were harrassing gab! i haven't trained you that way now, he looked playing hard to get. No, he just get surprised meeting up with a little french girl for the first time nakss nahiya na tuloy si gabby.  The future love team lol
                                   Bibingclara got plenty of pasalubong from them and all in pink
                                                   pink bear, pink dress and pink barbie
                                                   I have got lots of Betty boop items too :)
                           Betty bedroom slipper,a pair of sock,Betty flip flops and a coffee mug
                                               Claudebiko had a pair of levi's jeans too thanks gurl!
We went to see the Eiffel Tower (The madame of Paris)
It was cold brrr... i bought churros to warm me up a little
Very nice! warm churros with chocolate dip

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