Saturday, March 20, 2010

Woodcraft / l'art du bois

When we were in puerto galera i bought some woodcraft as pasalubong for my friends. There are so many choices, i stayed so long in the shop choosing what im gonna take (salawahan).
The shop's name is Artcrafts and it is located in Sabang in front of the beach. Their woodcrafts are coming from Baguio a bit pricey than Kultura . The daughter's owner related that they are buying their products from the indigenous people in Baguio and sometimes they do some exceptional piece. They have plenty of little things you can like, some are heavy well it depends on the style. For me, i made sure to get the cutiest and the lightiest one.

I am very contented for what i've got from Artcrafts and Kultura :)

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