Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pizza Hot

I succeed to make Pizza last night even if our oven is slightly sick (it turned on and off itself). I made two rounded medium size Sausage pizza and we had it for dinner. I oftenly do pizza when i am kinda lazy and when i am running out of ideas what to cook (but, i have to work and it tooks time preparing of garnishing as well as kneading the dough)
                                                             Hand of a working mom huh
                                                        I am enjoying doing it! just like playing
                                          This was an old photo, my first attempt of making pizza
I haven't given any name for my pizza coz i just only put what we had in the fridge (green olives,button mushroom, left over ham and bacons, luckily we always have available mozzarella all the time)

Last night pizza, c'était delicioso! it was slightly burn on the edges but it was ok (coz i put on the oven to the maximum temperature) i wasn't able to take photos coz we were in a hurry to eat. I put Chili oil on the top of my pizza hot! hot! hot! talaga :)

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