Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My First Love

I have been blabbing about Bibingclara for several postings now but are you curious enough to know whom/what i'm like? Well, i would tell you .....That is Betty Boop!! Boop oop a doop!! I started collecting betty boops items when i was 12 years old. My sister Mariz was the one who gave me my first ever betty boop item when i was in my highschool days in Malabon and that was a black face towel with betty boop logo on it. Since then i hypnotized (exag!! hehehe) and fell in love with this sexy and glamorous cartoon caracter hehehe... I have plenty of my collections left in philippines and each one of my betty boops items here has a story behind and i will be posting them for my future entry.

 I took pictures when i had my glass display that Claudebiko's bought for me
that was the 1st layer of the glass display where i put all the figurines

The display has 4 layers so in the middle i put all little things like keychains and some accessories

                                  I didn't had the chance to take some more pictures because my display
                                           at that time is not so full enough to accomodate its space.

For the Betty boopers like me you can check their official website
The first posting of my betty boop slipper click here my poor betty

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