Thursday, December 19, 2013

Calendrier de l'Avent - Advent Calendar

Christmas is near! 6 days to go and still counting. I imagine that every kids is so excited, so excited to open their gifts from Père Noêl ( Santa Clause ). Like mine, our unica hija is so much excited, excited to see Santa Clause too hahaha. One day she told us " I will not sleep on the 24th dec. coz i will wait santa clause till he arrive and would take picture of him". I guess, it will gonna be a problem to us to put our gift near the christmas tree if she wont like sleeping. Well, good thing our Lego gifts are ready ( yes, the lego mania begins for next year ) and the truth we actually begins with the Lego advent calendar :)
Lego gifts
Aside from the Lego advent calendar, we also make our own advent calendar to add and the idea comes from Petitestetes.
we like the concept, each day is different and we can also play by mixing our surprise
we just needed colored paper to make those little cones just like on the photo
some print out numbers from day 1 to 24
we hung on the side of Bibingclara's bed.. each day she has mission to do plus her suprise
here's what the latest from 19th day of lego advent calendar ( collection = Friends )
I keep the colored papers we used and will be recycling them for next year. This is great and fun to do with kiddos. Great ideas from petites têtes ( little heads ).

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