Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sushi class

I attended a 2 hour sushi class last saturday and here are some photos of our work :)
we're divided into three groups. one group made nagiris, the other made maki and our group made uramaki or california rolls.
the only best thing in this class, i learnt from somebody in my group the best technique on how peeling avocado easily. I don't peel avocado what i normally do is i only scoop out the chair using spoon.
demonstration on how rolling some makis with goat's cheese filling and dried tomatoes
it wasn't my first time making sushi, in fact i already made some at home long time ago. next time i will remake sushi, i will try different fillings including cheese.
first finish product by the other group ( i forgot the name of the fish lol )
the cambodgian girl took photo of me while im on work. working my best to cut the california maki with uncooked rice :))) so sticky...so i have to rince the knife everytime to cut them well.
dyaran!!! coated with black sesame seeds ... next time will try the crispy coated using onion or garlic crisp.
voila les sushis de les sushis girls --- i took each and everything of my share ( i got some uncooked and overcooked rice wahahaha )
my take home with ginger pickles
Happy with the sushi? hmm... so so :)

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