Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Circus- L'empereur de Jade

Sunday, we watched this year's circus, L'empereur de Jade. Magnifique show! what's going out from my mouth kundi ang makapigil hiningang words na... " Whooaaaa, wowww , haaaaa oh la làààà! " as in NGANGA! sa hanga lol super dooper galing ng mga acrobates even Bibingclara non stop saying wow! wow! wow! and bravoooooo!! clap clap clap!!! we fully enjoyed the circus as much as last year's Circafrica. The circus was in the morning, at 10:30 am as indicated on our tickets. I imagined their early warm-ups with the brrrr... cold weather. So lamig! Normally, they advises the audiences to come 1 and 1/2 hour earlier before the show starts, buti nalang the circus isn't far from our place and Claudebiko droves us aller-retour. When we enter, it was already crowded so we had no choice but to take the lower sit which is not bad than the upper range.
of course, she gets what she wants "the lightning santa" while we're waiting the show starts
during the interlude -- What? popcorn in the morning yep! Bibingclara had finished the small bucket
scene from the opening show -- "The snake" i like the performance of one of the chinese lady she makes her move like a real snake while hanging up ... bonggacious!
Bibingclara and i had both favorite group - the performers of " The Tiger" and "The horse"
Bibingclara also has individual choices like "The Rabbit" --the girls performing while on a bike and the lady whose performing using glass.
Bibingclara has a circus class every thursday as an extra activity after school. The show pleased her a lot. But of course, i explained her not to do what we have been saw in the circus. I also added, they're professionals anak, so a little girl like u cannot make that kind of acrobacy. It needs a lot of entrainement. She understands well. Kaya nag-tumbling tumbling nalang sya sa bahay hehehe :)

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