Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trips to Ikéa

We used to buy furnitures from Ikéa because they have nice style and affordable price. In fact, all furnitures from daughter's room are from there. From curtains to and beddings. I remember we went plusieur trip to Ikéa when Bibingclara was about going 3y/o and look how she gets busy looking around everytime we went there she's always busy, excited and wanted everything from the showroom :)
inside of one of the children's room in the store. we bought the little furniture with colorful plastic boxes for her toys arrangement.
Yes it is true that time goes by so fast, children's are growing and like ours we should change the old furniture that our daughter's didn't use/play anymore like this little kitchenette.
we posted an announce to leboncoin and believe me, it disappeared so fast around 20+ people who get interested to buy this kitchenette ( with accessories ) of course, we sell it for really low price just to let it go. We gave it to the first caller, a couple with a 3 year old daughter. They're happy they got it :)
second announce = the bed. Yeah it was also sold out and gave to the first caller we had.
We changed Bibingclara's bed 3 weeks ago but this time, we didn't had it from Ikéa instead we purchased her new bed to Cocktail scandinave. Cocktail scandinave also have nice furnitures and to compare the price, some are ressemble to the price of Ikéa. 
my chippie girl! at the showroom of cocktail scandinave, the day we purchased her bed.
hubby spent days arranging and working on Bibingclara's room he tried everything, all the possibilities to gain space inside the room.
in the end, he finds this kind of arrangement is better. i know, not so easy with lots of stuff and kalat everywhere, fixing one's room is always a nightmare.
my little girl is contented with her mezzanine she has space downstair to play and put her numerous toys.
back to ikéa, this one was ikéa's one tabouret-bar stool 
We like the style of this tabouret and we can actually adjust it to the higher position by just turning the seat. We use it every night when we stay beside Bibingclara's bed reading her stories. So practical! :)

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