Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cooking and Baking lessons

We participated in a cooking lesson last saturday. The menu = nuggets, mini burger, pancake, home made ketchup and bbq sauce. First session kid+adult. We were assigned ( i mean we chose ) one recipe which would be easy for us and what i picked was the pancake recipe. Easy as ABC but i have to admit that when we dont read well the instructions, we could always made mistake. I nearly ( presque) beating eggs together but the recipe tells separate the yolks and the whites hehehe buti nalang naremedyohan ko. Bago ko binati, natanggal ko yung egg yolks at nai-separate. Whew! stress kundi ito ay naging catastrophic.
and since we are done waiting just to cook our pancakes we held a hand to help the other group rolling the meat for mini burger look my daughter in action :)
after the pancake has been cooked ahhh relieved .. beside Bibingclara is a daughter of my friend who enrolled as well for this cooking class
they're are proud for their "balots"
Second session = Adults for making macarons this time sans Bibingclara
i made the chocolate filling ( i chosen this flavor ) yes it wasn't get firm so hindi nagamit "palpak" not to mention the good chocolate i used for making it tsk.. tsk..
the citrus filling - another palpak matigas not pourable pero inilagay pa din sa macarons ( the chinese girl who assigned for it )
the raspberry filling --ang hindi pumalpak me background na yung gumawa as we know she was taking patisserie course with the same prof
for chocolate macarons ( another girl who pipped it )
for citrons
parang "caca" daw sa una as another lady described it before going the the "four" ( oven )
the biggest the raspberry macarons
dyaran!at yung iba me crack-crack pa
Experience = Wala akong natutunan dahil stress ang naging dating nine ladies in the kitchen ohh laaa what u will expect? feeling ko nasa cooking competition find your own materials, try to figure out by yourself where to find the sugar, etcetera, etc even to find the spatula. Verdict = the macarons are good! i got home one big raspberry flavor, two citrons and two chocolate flavor which i shared with the sweet tooths.

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