Thursday, October 24, 2013

Garage Sale 2013

Did i mentioned that i do vide-grenier ( garage sale ) twice this year? yeah the 1st one was month of June and the second time i participated in the neighborhood just recently, last september. I am a proud buyer in the garage sale, i so like garage sale! i can find nice stuff specially items for kids. I know plenty of mom's who do practically their shopping in vide-grenier and i find it reasonable. Second hand books, clothes, shoes, toys name it! etc. etc.. you can find anything in vide-grenier. So you get it now why i dont go to Galeries Lafayette ? hehehehe In fact, in vide-grenier you cannot only find second hand items, sometime u can find unused items so i advice u folks when buying in garage sale,  never hesistate digging in to find good stuff that might interest u. True to say that children's items are always a hit, i mostly disposed Bibingclara's stuff :)
the vendeuse -seller " bili na kayo dyan alé, mamâ!" "comme on buy madame, monsieur!" hehehehe
Bibingclara separates with her disney thing little story book she said, she want to get more new of Monsieur, madame livres instead when she success to sell all of them.Yes she made it!She did a good job she sells everything. So funny because she knows how to sales talk she explain every details to the prospect buyers. Good news, from that sale, we accumulated euros which will permits us to get buy new stuff for Bibingclara :)
the latest garage sale purchase
I found a pair of Melissa for 5 euros never used and with tags. Too bad, i have to wait summer to let them wear. Garage sale gusto mo? Tara na, lets go shopping! ay hindi pala must wait the next season around May. So must wait, must wait :)

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