Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring school break

So grey, still grey! the weather keeps me demotivating. Strange weather. Cold and rains almost everyday. But, before i get completely lazy let me post and share some of the photos taken during 2 weeks spring break. I'll have to do it quick right now, yes right nowww :)
everyday fiesta --- fiesting on fish and chips kid's menu for 2 euros only at Frog 
2 consecutive sundays at Musée du Quai Branly 
Trampoline --- for the first time -- oh my goodness i get so nervous looking her so high
fiesta with bonbons
carrousel at Bercy Parc
atelier -- Origami and Japanese dolls in Bercy Village
petit corbeau film at Le studio des Ursulines with my friend Théo
petit sapin at theatre 3 chardons
foire de Paris -- atelier de savon
at foire de paris --- kids corner
foire de paris -- escalade
foire de paris --- saw pinocchio and chat botté
bubblesss -- foire de paris
sorbet coco --- foire de paris
cité des enfants with my friend Théo
langgammm - cité des enfants
play with water --- cité des enfants
Expo Da Vinci -- cité des enfants
josephine baker pool --- after hair drying
Toujour la fête! Tra lala laleee ;) Tomorrow, will be bringing daughter to ciné-gouter. Wish the weather will be fine (",)

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