Sunday, May 5, 2013

Musée Du Quai Branly Part 2

After our visit last week, we came back again today with some couple of friends. So here are the photos ( from last week and today ) to be share (",)
 waiting for the performances of ensemble Maguindanao and Uwang Ahadas
 they showed the traditional dance and their instruments like Gongs
 the dance of warrior? not sure hehehe
 my daughter had the chance to try one of their instruments.... ( banda rito, banda roon )
and a picture with one of the dancer ( gong! )
In connection of Bulul, we saw this selling in the market this morning ( les cousins ) :) African wooden statues. Bibingclara said, "Maman, il y a beaucoup de Bulul! " in fact she was the one who took the photo.
Today there were Culinary demonstrations first, before the dance and music performances. As i noticed, last week they're all boys and this afternoon, the turn of les girls.
 at the entrance today ( i must mind to come back again for the African exposition yes, i still have my reserve ticket for next visit )
 a quick visit to the Philippines exposition
 the chefs ( well, i took photo from far )
 ang gulay na pinagpasa-pasahan ( basils, ciboulette, citronelle, calamansi etc )
The finish product --- Tourteau de Breton, Sauce Aligué ( corail de crabe ) aux herbes fraiches, wanton croustillant --- in short Alimasag with sauce ng Aligué with herbs -- not so extraordinary yes, we sampled it.
Encornets grillée, Emulsion Adobo Noir à l'encre de Seiche, purée de chou fleur --- in short Adobong Pusit we tasted it and we got the chance also to taste the sipit ng crab ( pince de crabe )
see? but she did not finish all, of course c'était moi!
The only man in the middle ( in green ) the majority were girls  ( taken from far sorry )
after quitting the place, a photo with one of the dancer
That's how we spend our Sunday today while Claudebiko participating in the Welga ( Manifestation ) in another destination. See you again next time Musée du Quai Branly. By the way, the Philippines Exposition is still going till 14th of July (",)

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