Saturday, May 4, 2013

Betty boop gifts

As usual, i would like to share all betty boop's i get from family and friends. Some bought for myself while we were in Philippines. So here they are! Enjoy (",)
picture frame from Aunt in Vietnam
look the tag how cheap they are --bought in the bazaar for 60 pesos only
broken sizes that's why they're so cheap -- this one is for my daughter the shorty can wait hehehe
oopps the string ( i do not use string though i have lots of betty string just for collection purpose )
like mother, like daughter --- i bought two pairs of Pj's for us ( also in Divisoria )
got a betty shirt gift by my friend --- small size awww!she said, i must diet so the shirt will fit

Claudebiko's treat, Candy lip gloss --- bought one box from the candy corner at the mall
like it! cost 100 hundred pesos each
i pay attention to expiration date : ok it's till 2014 i can give them as give away for my betty party
the winner! betty boop shower curtain from my sister
So much contented with my betty boops. Thanks to everyone! :)))))

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