Thursday, May 2, 2013

Musée Du Quai Branly

Last sunday we went to Quai Branly Museum and to our surprise, free Entrance pala! why? kasi Philippines week daw. And this coming sunday, free ulit ang entrance ( here all museums is free during 1st sunday of the month ) yeah, i am planning to come back again this coming sunday to profit the exposition of our own. Actually, i bought already ticket a week ago, but i will save it for next time, i mean next time visit to Musée Du Quai Branly ;).

Spring vacation in Philippines!
 Bulul with little Bibingclara at the entree
 at the entrance of the exposition
 it was not my first time in the museum so i already seen some in the display
 my first visit was year 2008 ( Bibingclara in the belly ) it was also first sunday so no ticket entrance and priority entrance ( i mean no queue's for the pregnant lady )
 ohhh ang kwintas ng fighter ( beautiful ) asking? pede din kaya ako magsuot nito kahit di ako fighter?
 this one is also nice panglalaki! kaya nga collier de guerrier ( warrior's necklace )
 North of Luzon, Cordillera, Mountain Province ... sa sobrang bilis hindi ko na nabasa lahat ng tags dahil hindi na interesado ang aking unica hija naiinip na sya ..
 ang Miss na nagkukuwento ng mga alamat ( naalala ko tuloy nung sa elementarya ) hindi ko lang matandaan yung title nung kinukwento nya nakalimutan ko na hahaha basta merong ulap na tumaas :))))
 at ang costume ...dyaran! babalik ako kasi i didn't read all! si Bibingclara want to see the casserole nagmamadali. Bibingclara at the back with her tata jen gustong makipaglaro.
 voila ang kaserola! sorry no flash ;(
 at ang bungo sa banga woooooo
So quick the visit, i have to revisit again ang read the details. Not so easy to be with a little kid na nagmamadali at gustong lumabas. I understand, she gets bored :)
log book at the end of the visit ( she writes her name on the signing book hehehe )The comments : Magnifique exposition! and some writes Mabuhay Philippines!
i let Bibingclara do the work for dropping the filled forms ( a questionaire form to win free ticket to Phils youhoo ) normally, we should do it after the visit but since we were all excited before heading the start of the expo we already filled and dropped the form hehehe :)
in the exit, there's a little souvenir corner i just took some photos
can't resist! so i buy a bulul magnet and cards
and a book for Bibingclara as a gift that day
After the exposition, we stayed to watch the musique and dance of Maguindanao will post it in part 2 :)

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