Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pang-regalo sa Pasko : Chocolate with Pistachio

Nag-iisip ka ba kung ano ang pwedeng ipamigay ngayong nalalapit na kapaskuhan? Makikita sa super-market na bumabaha ng mga sari-saring tsokolateng binebenta. Bakit hindi subukan ang home-made sweet treats with your personal touch? paniguradong ang pagbibigyan mo nito ay matata-touch! I would like to share what we had given away last year as christmas present sa mga nalalapit nameng kaibigan. Ito ang ginawa namin last year katulong ang anak kong masipag hehehe :)
ang taga-balat ng pistachio
making this not includes baking hindi mo kailangan buksan ang oven mo
- crushed pistachio
- dried cranberries
-chocolate bar ( just melt in the micro-wave )
when the chocolate melts, just add crushed pictachio and dried cranberries. Put in the flat baking dish or plate and wait till the chocolate gets cool and harden. Then when its completely cool, crack it into pieces. And stored in the fridge.
you can also wrap in a colored paper sheet like this ( i used recycled one )
you can double it wrapping with a transparent plastic... wrap it like a candy
Voila! you have your pang-give away sa pasko. In the photo you see just two finish product but in real we made 4 pcs of it. I am planning to make it again for this year as i do still have packages of dried cranberries i bought when we were in London. I do still have dozens of black chocolate tablets in the pantry. What i will be needing is just the pistachio to make them complete.
this is a picture of the little girl who's gourmande on chocolates
After baking yan ang usual scenario : Padila-dila lang ng spatula hahahaha :)


Elizabeth @Mango_Queen said...

Chocolate and pistachio as gifts? Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Maruhya said...

Wonderful! though it's been wrapped so simply :)))