Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Postcard sent

Postcard sent as my title on this post. Yes, the last postcard we sent was when we were in Uk, last april. Actually, i've been planning before to spend christmas with my family in the Philippines but because of the expensive airfare during this season, we decided to adjust our homecoming for next year's school break.
postcards from friends in Philippines
We would love to send postcard too from Brazil ( Claudebiko's sister resides there ) but need to save, save and save for billet d'avion :)
photo taken from the room of her kuya in London ( married with brazilian ) note : Bibingclara's t-shirt from her tita in Brazil
Mission Accomplished! just got remember my Mission .When we were in London, I scouted these magnific hand and nail creme in all the pharmacy. Luckily i found them in Westbury chemist :)
got shampoo and cream for me too ... i gave some hand and nail cream for friends
Last minute shopping when i found them, they were in the bargain shelf. I was surprised because they were not too expensive 1£ for the hand and nail cream. If i could still have space in my bagage i would rather get more to bring for friends. In fact, i am using it now soft on hands and nice smell too :)


Elizabeth @Mango_Queen said...

Oh I love those products made from Pure Coconut. Where did you find it? Do you think I can find it online? I've used coconut oil forever on my hair, but it was not easy to find until lately. Thanks for sharing your stories & the nice blog-visit!

Maruhya said...

I find it in the chemist in Uk. You can check their website http://inecto.co.uk/. Maybe they could be available in the chemist in US. Here in france i didn't find any ;( i love using coconut oil for my hair too. These product are guaranteed they're cheap and effective so next time, i'll be sure to have my stock ;)thanks to you for dropping by!