Monday, December 10, 2012

10th year Birthday Celebration : 10 is my favorite number aside from 8

We attended a birthday dinner celebration last saturday. It was an invitation from a friend who's living not far from our place. That day was also the birthdate of my nephew in Philippines, dec 8 was also a feast of Immaculate Conception. I remember when i was younger, when it's immaculate feast day i used going to the immaculate conception church in Malabon. After church visit, i go directly to the public market to search for "miryenda" i used to eat ginataang bilo-bilo with sticky rice balls hmmm.. i really missed my hometown. So when there's celebration, i bake. And when i bake, i eat hehehe :)
i made a cheesecake brownie for the 3 occassions ( hati-hati na sila dyan hahaha )
when we arrived to their house, i quickly notice their sabsaban " crêche " in french ( thanks Claudebiko for the translation ) note: the little figurines are hand-painted by my friend and they came from different places. I just amazed by the sabsaban  ( i hope i've got the right term in tagalog hahaha )
can't help that's why i asked Claudebiko to picture me with the crêche on the side
Speaking of sabsaban, i was actually suggested that name when i was working in the crib factory. My boss refused when i suggested the said name for the name tags. He has the right medyo hindi maganda ang tunog but hehehe instead when we invented a new wooden high chair model, he was named it under my name para bang pampalubag loob hahaha i do not have idea if they still carrying the name for the high chair till now. Anyway, back to food. Here are the foods :)
 as starters we had salmon canapé ( their specialty ) and fish balls ( tuna and potatoes )
 the birthday celebrant and my unica hija while they're waiting for the other visitors
the pineapple na tinusok - brochettes ( tomatoes, basil leaf, apple, comté and pear ) winner! love the taste
we also had fried spring rolls ( chicken and tuna )
 dumating na ang mga young's :)
 the chopsuey version nila good! thumbs up ( take note sa dame me take out pako at ulam namin mamaya for dinner )
 and the chicken brochettes yum! yum! there was also chopped spicy tomatoes to go with the meal
 my daughter na walang kinain kundi ang "KANIN"
 blowing cake naaaaa.... chocolate cake as desserts sinamahan ng kape at mainit na tsaa
i took a photo of this ... the bday celebrant likes to draw fashion design
Before when i was 12 years old kasing payat nya ako hahaha... seriously, when i saw her draw it mades me recognized na iyan ang suot nya nung nag-halloween party kame.
see? in fairness she wore the same leggings but in black instead of orange
Keep it up girl... maybe one day you'll be a model or a famous style designer one day. Who know's? --Qui sait? :)

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