Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday : Mother and daughter's day

Yesterday i had friends who came over with their chikiting. As usual, mega chikahan, daldalan and blah blah blah till 3pm. And the kids? super laro and super bonding din sila ;)
the mommies with their daughters
Aleksandra with Nathalie = 3+ years old
Mama Maruh with Bibingclara = 4+years old
my new comer filipina friend Maricar with Gabriella = 5 years old
 i called them 3, 4 and 5 group hahahaha they're so Cute! like mommies Agree???
 they had lunch at home ashamed to say i just made pizza (assembled the toppings ), chicken ( i cooked it ), fries and cordon blue grocery bought i hadn't had the time to cook "Pansit" la na kasi ako oras im épuissée hihihi looks like they were eating in a fast food chain hahaha how i wish there's Jollibee here ;)
children's were so excited getting their pick, CHO-COL-ATE !!! note : chocolates courtesy of maricar thanks girl! :)
nagkakagulo sila sa tsokolate at pati ako naki-gulo hahaha
I also made moist chocolate na hindi na napicturan sa katarantahan ng magkalahati ang tray. Ah meron nga pala din kameng bisitang dalaginding na ate ni Gabriella. She is really pretty and tall! it suits her name as Cutée as in cute talaga. Mali ata ang spelling baka Cutey hehehe. Me extension pa dahil after our meeting, Natalie and Bibingclara had their compote as miryenda ( nakadalawang ulit sila yes, magana ) and after, after they had play pa sa park just â côté de chez nous.
that's the ebidensya hahaha
Ending : After park, i washed the dishes, then i prepared ang naudlot na pagluto ng pansit for dinner while Bibingclara and her papa arranged all the mess ( toys ) in the room. We had tiring, but fun day with the children. Just wondering, kelan naman kaya ang Father and daughter's day? napaisip lang ang mga mommies hihihi ;)))

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