Thursday, November 22, 2012

Betty Boop looks like African

My daughter used to ask me to draw something for her. I do not draw beautifully but each time i make one, i always get praise by my husband. He said, he cannot make any drawing better than me. Even to draw an insect he cannot make it hehehe. Honestly, i do not draw i just make some to make pleasure for my daughter. It's a part of our bonding time, our pastime. Drawing, coloring, puzzle etcetera etc.. aside from my puno, bahay-kubo, mountain, bulaklak at mga paso drawings, syempre i won't miss my favorite cartoon character. Yung bang tinatawag na praktis na drawing ;)
this betty draw first appears here
second time my betty draw becomes like an African but i love it much! hindi nga lang pantay ang paa parang yung ate kong panganay na Polio peace Ate fel! we know na, you are the most beautiful sa ating mag-kakapatid Naks! and i notice yung boobs nya talagang me tuldok pa at parang contact lens and dating hehehe tawa ng tawa yung anak ko dito ;)))
and this one is my daughter's work laging Princess o di kaya'y parang kinakasal then the pot with flowers on the side, turo ko yan i am so proud of her ang daling matuto :) dapat bouquet ito eh bakit nsa paso hahaha
Bibingclara draws a lot! hindi ko na nga alam kung saan ko itatabi lahat ng mga drawings nya because she wants to keep them all. As in Everything! even yung mga scratch. I am proud to say that she improves a lot. Next time, i will post some old pictures. Pictures we had when i first took her to draw. She was only too little  little baby, baby pa ;)

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