Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tutu Rose : Pink ballet skirt

We had not made mistake having choosing "dance class" as an extra activity for Bibingclara. She likes dancing as she has plenty of energy for that. After her dance class, she's so impatient to show what she had learned each time. Excitedly showing me her " step touch " " step touch " moves with full of energy. Pati tuloy ako napapa-step touch hahaha. In the beginning, Bibingclara only wears plain shirt and leggings in the dance class but the majority of the little dancers in the class wears ballet skirt. Bibingclara doesn't demand us to buy one for her but she has one condition, she didn't like going to dance class wearing shirt or leggings but "dress" hahaha she likes dancing na naka-duster i cannot imagine how she could be comfortable wearing that way. She tells me " Mama, it's nice when i turn around merong umiikot when i do my moves". Another thing, we must respect her dress code : Only In Pink. Period!. We didn't like spending some euro's for ballet skirt just for basic dance course. Then, i realized she likes having a ballet skirt like everyone else, like a real ballet dancer. She actually have one in black ( usually for gymnastic thing ) but she never use it as she hates black color so i was obliged bringing her to the shop and gets one in Pink :)
she was so happy having her pink tutu bought from Gosport and i was happy too as we paid with discount coupon from Claudebiko's bday discount voucher
 my daughter in her dance class last tuesday
we agreed wearing her new tutu, in a condition of wearing long sleeve t-shirt and winter tights with malamig eh ;)
ça marche! we said, we are planning of enrolling Bibingclara for African dance for next year. It would be good for her to spend all her energy, pampapawis talaga lots of movements. Super hataw! And hmm.. wondering what she would like to wear when she goes to that dance class hehehe :)

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