Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day out, eat out : late treat for Pinayfries

After Bibingclara's music class last saturday, we headed to the optical shop ( just few steps away from the animation center ) to order her eyeglasses. She needs to wear eyeglasses for some little correction. We had her prescriptions with us from 2 ophtalmologist. Two different ophtalmologist as we wanted to have second opinion before making it done. Anyway, Bibingclara's eye problem isn't too serious and according to the two eye doctors, it's Astigmatism. We have got same result on both eye test so we said, this is it, she must wear an eyeglasses.
my little lola
She had tried many pairs but her heart goes to Hello Kitty so we have got not only one but two pairs of hello kitty lunettes in pink and violet :) Bibingclara's eyeglasses - Done! After eyeglasses, lunch time! Straight to Hippo.
we didn't know in the beginning that kiddie meal is free when u order a meal for adult until we found out when we get our bill but this only happen during weekend :)
burger meal with lots of hippo panusok hihihi
just by chance, Bibingclara's pediatrician was in the same restaurant eating out
Claudebiko's steak and my burger with generous roquefort sauce hmm!! if the panusok would be a candle i bo-blow ko ito for Pinayfries hehehe
dessert = chocolate mouse in a tall glass ang laki-laki :) take note: this include in kiddo meal
After lunch, Toy store direction! we have a  christmas voucher from Claudebiko's work.
She's eyeing for "Kapla" but we didn't buy it ayaw kong mag-abono hahaha
ang dahilan me kapla na pala sya but small and colored version this was also from Claudebiko's work ( ordered from internet ) as yearly christmas gift for worker's children
we didn't satisfied for what we have purchased using voucher in the toy store so instead we exchanged it with assorted packs of crayola buti nalang we're in france hahaha pedeng return and exchange ;)
that's not all hindi pa natatapos ang batang spoiled i bought some story book yesterday for her
Sabi ng anak ko "Maman i love sabado and miyerkules!" always plaisir - always pleasure. Honestly, our gift is advance anak at sa pasko matutulog nalang tayo hihihi hindi na dadaan si Père Noël :)

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