Friday, July 20, 2012

The last of the last

Previous photos of the last of the last. The photo above was taken in Arc-en-ciel gym. Bibingclara had to stop her last gym session from there before she undergo operation and that was last June.
at the rainbow gym
The last exposition we saw at Bibingclara's school. All works of the little ones for the whole school year and that was also month of June.
Funny and entertaining to look at - Bibingclara's eyes are down right. Notice?
Last day of school as usual we baked some goodies for the super galing and super bait teachers to extend our thanks :)
yep, i used my silicon little cake molds for the first time hehehe
the finish products
proud of our packaging with the help ehem!!! of my little assistant
Last day of school year 2012 was last 5th of July. Vacation for us starts tomorrow. We'll go to the seaside. We must profite well our stay with a help of a good weather ( cross our fingers ). Next school year will be another busy year for our little one coz aside from school, she'll gonna have 3 extra activities : Dancing, Music and Theater :)


Elizabeth @Mango_Queen said...

What a fun post! And that's a very cute cutie pie in the pics! Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for the blog-visit!

Maruhya said...

thanks to you Mango Queen :) thanks also for dropping by :)