Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Princess 4th year Birthday bash

This is just a quick post ;). Yesterday is my daughter's officially birthdate, July 19, 2012. We threw her a birthday party last sunday. It was a lot of fun as usual. My Bibingclara was so contented and with the super gifts that her tita's ( les tatas ) et ninang's ( les marraines ) offered ohh a real bonus!!! Here are some photos of last sunday's party :)
the one and only visitor from her class, the classmate Joaquim :)
playing with the balloons, they were just two so they were really got so excited
solo playmate, yes we prepared some games, they made personalized bracelet with tranquility with the help of hubby
bowling time poinkkkk!!! yes easy to handle when they were just 2 right Claudebiko?
snack time started at 15h00 the kiddie visitors came little by little. first blowing cake ( cheesecake-brownie cake from david lebovitz sorry no upclose photo :(
the nice gift from Bibingclara's classmate there's also a greeting card so cute
a part of our "handa"
some of friends brought foods like the sticky rice cake with nata de coco of Ate yol, donuts of Mama ghuds and fresh mixed fruit salad of Cléo
some of the visitors stayed on the balcony
i was the scorer and we got a winner from the singing karaoke contest. with a price and a trophy hehehe
the princess busy opening one of the ninang's gift
can you believe? it took long time before we succeed to get a group photo anyway, we all smiled
blowing cake for the 2nd time....
then desserts again
thanks tata genieeee ( jenny )
she doesn't know what she have got for sure she will give it to mama hihihi
that's a necklace anak ;)
ang mag-ninang
thanks to my franprix girlfriends hehehe
Thanks to everyone!!! thanks to all les marraines merci! merci merci! to ninang ethel, for the reversible dress princess-pirate we really appreciated!!! ninang ghudy for the nice necklace and ninang ella for "the cash" for the princess vacation. My daughter is so very lucky not just for the material things but to all of your effort guys, love and participation i really saw the happiness of Bibingclara in her eyes. Priceless! she's so very happy and complete. Of course, after that celebration last sunday, the birthday week continues i mean the celebration continues yesterday i also made another birthday cake to my unica hija and it was mango cheesecake yes i will not forget to post it on a separate post yes promise! and also yesterday we dine-out at pizzeria, it was a bday treat from a near family ( Léo's mom ). So many stories to tell but i have only short, short time. In fact i must continue packing our things coz we will gonna leave tomorrow for a vacation. OUIIII at last, we are so excited. So bye for now will gonna give you an update next time. That's all folks ;)))))))


Cielo said...

Happy Birthday Clara!

Maruhya said...

thank to you Cielo ;)