Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bibingclara's bday party preparation

Bibingclara's birthday is near, officially next week. We'll be throwing a birthday bash for her this coming sunday. I am almost done with the party prepping except with the list of food that i'll be cooking. Well, i do still have 2 days more. We do not have a lot of kiddie guests as they already gone for summer but i know few childrens are more easier to handle ( i hope ) of course, there will gonna have some games and prices not only for childrens but for adult visitors as well :)
to make things easier, i just bought everything from loot bags to paper plates from 1.50 € store
and invitations - we will gonna have only 2 childrens in Bibingclara's class
I am thinking for next year's daughter's birthday, i wish we can save so we can celebrate her birthday in Guignol - puppet show. And we will make sure too to set the date ealier than july ( before end of school year ) with that, she could still invite the majority of her classmates.
we watched guignol for free for the first time open-air in Thiais Village. That day was first day of sale ( wednesday ) we went also in Ikea.
My daughter loves so much the puppet show guignol in fact, she's eager for our stamped card to be done because when the card is done there is either popcorn or candy in exchange :)
the popcorn girl in guignol
Guignol in Mexico at Guignol de Paris parc des Buttes Chaumont
the trajet to guignol parc des buttes chaumont is a bit far from where we live but we like going there time to time for a change. 2 metros and a lot of walking :)
last wednesday guignol in parc des buttes chaumont was "the well of mother michelle "
We actually have two access, there is another guignol theater near us in 14th arrondissement in Guignol du Parc Montsouris. We are looking forward for a new program of Guignol in Park Montsouris this August. Hopefully, we can also have a chance to partying with roudoudou next birthday celebration wish, wish, wish :)

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