Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Foods at Bibingclara's Party

As well said, i will be sharing all foods we had eaten at my daughter's party. We are in vacation at this moment and i know for myself that i'll be missing cooking and baking, for 3 weeks yep, c'est la vie! :) All  food has been posted here was made by yours truly and of course, some recipes gotten from my favorite food blogs.
for the kiddie party we had ; compote, and orange juice
we had cheesecake-brownie cake  ( photo before going to the oven )
tarte aux abricots ( photo before cooking the pastry dough i used black beans from Brazil instead of ceramic balls )
cheesecake brownie cake and Apricot tart
crispy pata ( i made two batches of it and i made adobo with some leftovers yummy, yummy )
siomai classic recipe from my cousin ;)
empanada ( a friend's request got the recipe from ELLE magazine )
the non-dying yummy tuna rolls ( the secret? - philadelphia-cucumber cream cheese )
Chili tomato eggs also from Feast Asia ( cooked with less chilis )
bacon wrapped egg muffin ( saw from Pinterest )
pika-pika good with the beer : ( tequila flavored beer and hoegaarden rosée beer )
mixed biscuits mcvities pasalubong from friends and some biscuits from Ikéa
Ate yolly's sticky rice cake with nata de coco ( yummy )
donuts from our very own Mama ghudy :)
Sago-Mango  add for our desserts i also made leche flan with coconut flakes and my friend Cléo brought mixed fresh fruit salad :)
mawawala ba naman ang candies? nope! assorted candies from the little jars
July 19, - Mango cheesecake from Asian in America of Mango Queen :) ( thumbs up )
Bawal ang umuwi ng hindi busog hehehe tapos pag me left-overs meron pang take-out. That's what happening kapag kame ay merong gathering. I like receiving friends and make foods for them. It has been always a pleasure for me. Next time, i must make progress when making siomai - matigas yung pambalot ko i must change yung mas manipis na dumpling wrapper.
and will add mushrooms and more shrimps 
Yeah, next time next time :) Until next time bye for now ;))))

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