Thursday, July 26, 2012

A week before our vacation begins : Super excited

After the birthday party, we only had 6 days to prepare and pack our things for vacation. My daughter had no choice but to go to center of leisure in her school wherein they do different activities each day. She was really impatient and she's counting the day everyday non-stop asking us the date of our departure ;)
 the photo above was the schedule of their activities in center de loisir yep, her last day was in 20th of july
 when we picked her up from there, she would search her miryenda or her little pleasure - "candies"
dancing in the street
She was dancing to the max when we said that we will gonna leave the next day. Youpiiiii!!! yes that's the reality children needs a break too but wait, is there also a break exclusively for moms? hehehe

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