Monday, July 2, 2012

My style

Summer! Perfect time to accesorize! no more big heavy coats or even vest. Now time for dress and wearing light shirts. I'm not fashionista but i love dressing as well like every women out there. I also love accessories! just give me a pair of jeans, a simple shirt, a pair of tsinelas, any bag and a pair of beautiful earrings then im ready to go :)
my "pambinyag look" hehehe we assisted two birthday parties that day i was picturing myself inside the lift of our building.
love my tsinelas pang-harabas until now i'm still using it 
my favorite station : hikawan 
Dressing up without wearing any pair of earrings is a no, no for me. Anyhoo, it's impossible to forget it coz the hikawan station is just in the corner near our exit door. If not any of those chandelier earrings i have there suits my fitting, well, i always rely to my pearls ( thanks to my tita ). Nowadays, my mood is for ethnic look and that's my style :)

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