Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Killing-Chilling time

When boredom kills us, playing puzzle is the answer. My unica hija always need somebody to play with coz she doesn't play alone which we find it normal because having an enfant unique is used to be that way. So usually at home, the playmate candidate will be either papa or moi :)
Moo puzzle i bought it when Bibingclara was still a baby, just recently i remind to sort it
( Claudiko helped us to finish the moo puzzle i am not good on this hahaha )
Now, practicing with face painting or making up just me and daughter. I like to play maquillage with daughter coz i know i will be lying ( ang hilig humilata hahaha ). I lied down, closed my eyes and let my little make-up artist do the rest ...
nyay! that was the finish product - the ati-atihan theme
My turn to be the make-up artist, so i made flower-butterfly theme on to Bibingclara.
result - the most beautiful flower of them all = my dough-tah!
Good thing, i wasn't fall asleep while she's doing on with me. Normally, when we play "bahay-bahayan" --playhouse at "luto-lutuan" --cuisine, i always yawning and feeling sleepy ( my favorite part in the play is sleeping after dinner hahaha ). That's how we passed our time. We stopped when the bath time calls for :)

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