Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Miryenda experience in the temple

Last saturday, i have got an invite from a friend. Miryenda at 7pm yes we went for a snack at 7pm :)
some rolls and tuna filled pasty - they were all yummy!!!
the drinks - Iced coffee ( malamig ), i sipped my iced coffee with a piece of chocolate cake ( ang sarap! para syang me halong ingredients na ovaltine powder na parang merong milo drink ) wala na sa photo naubos ko na hehehe....
and second batch, milk tea ( mainit ) - i let it cool first then i drank with a piece of cassava cake
I never understand till my friend explained to me when we get there. I was thinking just a normal snack gathering. I brought lumpiang tuna ( appetizers ) one batch just 24 rolls and some coconut macarons also one batch 26 pieces ( desserts ) that we all shared as miryenda in the temple. In the temple, yeah it was there we had the salo-salo after their offerings/prayers to buddha. A way they do when somebody in the family passed away. Our Sri-lankan-filipina friend tell us that they will gonna re-do again the gathering ( Pakain ) on September and it will gonna be bigger one, about 200+ guest.

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