Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starbucks- Iced coffee ( milk )

It became a ritual to ordered coffee from Starbucks each time we're participating garage sale. I guess, i introduced their cold drinks too early to my daughter. When daughter was still a little baby ( about 2 and a half ), she would ask me for a trip to " tar bak " ( yes, she pronounced that way ). In the beginning, i didn't get what she means but then i realized the word tarbak is literally starbucks. I knew, when she mention that word, daughter means i should bring her there and get some treats. It's either a slice of a cake or venti size of her favorite strawberry cream frappuccino. So, our drinks on garage sale day from starbucks ( after we had our late lunch ) were, 1, caffé americano ( for Claudebiko ) hot coffee sans milk ay naku nilalamig daw sya true because that day, it wasn't too sunny. 2. strawberry cream frappuccino ( for Bibingclara ) her after were the cream and strawberry syrup on top. 3. my home-made à la starbucks ( for Maruhya ) iced coffee shakey-shakey yay!
 one shot nespresso, 2 cubes of sugar, milk and half teaspoon of instant espresso ( powder )
wait the maligamgam coffee drink get cold completely before putting inside the fridge
The last time i went to starbucks, i saw they have a new coffee milk drink in bottles ( vanilla, coffee and mocha flavors ) ready to take away no lining up to wait for your drinks. I tried once and keep the empty bottle ( that's the bottle i used i recycled of course ). My daughter also likes it so now it's another add to her favorite starbucks cold drinks. By the way, they are actually widely available in the grocery store as well and the price is 1,99 euros. Yes, i spotted the other day :). Next post, lunch with a breakfast meal deal hehehe

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