Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frog : for the sake of sausage

Late lunch at The Frog and British Library after a stressing hours from garage sale. At first, Bibingclara bugging us to eat at Mcdonalds but Mcdo is quite far and need to take a bus just to be there. She wanted to eat chicken nuggets. I said no! and voilà, the "comedie" started. The tantrums ended when i get the idea of proposing of eating sausage yeah! hotdog! so i let Claudebiko to stay in our stall and i, do the hotdog hunting with my comedie girl :)
 save by the bell! we found hotdog here at frog :) we begun by drinking stawberry cocktail ( non-alcohol )
 good thing while waiting for our order, there's something to be done for the kids " the coloring"
English breakfast 
 impressive 4 hotdogs, 2 eggs yay! big appetite! she finished everything except for the rest like potatoes, mushroom, bacon and beans ( it was me who finished them )
before entering the pub, i asked the server first if they are still serving breakfast menu ( we went around 2pm) good thing they serve "all time dishes" including breakfast meals with hotdogs. The last time i went to frog was with hubby, i drunk a pint of beer and ate nachos and pizzadilla ( 5 year ago? )
Last weekend, i brought Bibingclara to The frog at Bercy Village after our church visit. She liked the hotdogs at frog near "bibliotheque" so i'm pretty sure she would like eating the same thing so we ordered again the English breakfast for lunch.
 we always get a good seat
 impatient for our orders - we got strawberry puppy and limonade
kiddie meal -fish and chips and english breakfast meal - they have a better one here than the other branch. In the other branch -the bacon, mushroom and potatoes were overcooked
Definitely will come back again when looking for hotdogs. The price is okay because its big serving. By the way, they have a nice dessert include in kiddie meal ( for the price of 7 euros ). The english choco pudding hmmm... my daughter will surely come back again for it next time :)


Cielo said...

ang gandang bata :-)

Maruhya said...

thanks cielo! you too, u have beautiful girls :)