Monday, June 25, 2012

Mother and Father's day

I know, i know this is late post hehehe pls forgive me for my lazyness not actually lazyness but buzyness - yep i am busy as a bee ( bzzzzz ) actually there are two reasons, so i must put them together ( lazy and busy ) lazy, because when i have spare time to write or blog, i prefer to sleep ( kaya tumataba hehehe ) busy, because i have loads of things to do usually my daily chores and  i cannot find the way where to start ( sobrang dame hehehe ) plus the planning for a birthday bash for my daughter that makes me stress ( a bit ) plus, plus, plus the preparation for our summer vacation ( yep i have to pack our things earlier as possible ) occupied noh? well, i think that's the real career of a mum, ang magtamad-tamaran at magbusy-busyhan hahahaha but wait i merit a nice poesy ( my humble gift from Bibingclara ) yes, a priceless work ( in school ) with poem recitation of my unica hija :)
that's her work
Des milliers d'étoiles dans le ciel,
Des milliers d'oiseaux dans les arbres,
Des milliers de papillons sur les fleurs, 
Des milliers de coquillages sur les plages,
Des milliers de poissons dans la mer,
Mais seulement une Maman!

Sa dinami-dami ng mga bituin sa langit
Sa dinami-dami ng mga ibon sa mga puno
Sa dinami-dami ng mga paru-paro sa mga bulaklak
Sa dinami-dami ng mga kabibe sa tabing-dagat
Sa dinami-dami ng mga isda sa dagat 
Pero nag-iisa lang ang Ina!

clap! clap! clap! Mother's day - June 3 Sunday

Of course there's also another work from school for father's day. And this enveloped thing has a strick rule " wag bubuksan antayin mag- father's day hehehe 
for papa's day from class 2
Beeee syempre kung me gift si Bibingclara meron din akong gift ke bébé ko for father's day ang ma rock 'n roll nyang notes o memory jogger ( hindi sya sticker na parang post-it ) na nakapatong sa cpu sa office table ni Claudebebeko. At ang laman ng mahiwagang sobre dyaraaannnn!!!!
isang palawit na kapis na pininturahan at me drawing ni kulit ( walang photo nakalimutan ) at ang tula para sa mga papa papa papa papa papa ......
French - A PAPA
Mon coeur me dit
Qu'aujourd'hui c'est fête
Mais quelle fête?
La fête des mamans? Non....
La fête des rois?...
La fête d'UN roi!
Mais quel roi?
Le roi de mon coeur,
C'est mon papa à moi!
Bonne fête papa!!

English - FOR DAD
My heart says
that today, is feast day
But what feast?
Mother's day? No....
King's day? ...
A King's feast!
But who's king?
The king of my heart,
It's my own father of mine!
Happy feast day Daddy!!

clap! clap! clap! Father's day - June 17 Sunday

Napagtantuan ko na merong mga french words na madaling i-translate sa tagalog at madaling i-translate sa english ( na more of sense ) well, a blog post for mother's and father's day bow! ;))) bravo Bibingclara!!!

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