Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Election - I voted

Botante! yep that's me :) i voted last sunday for the general election. I wasn't been able to vote last May which was presidential election because of the reason of the late registration of voting card di nakahabol but anway i was happy to vote for the first time :)
countdown - patiently watching/waiting of the presidential election result on tv
my voter's id which i got a day before first round of general election
Reporma! yeah lot's of things that the new president will change like earlier retirement ( 60-62 years ), additional days in school for childrens ( which means more time for the teachers to teach and more time for childrens to learn ) and job proposals for the jobless ( like me hehehe ) I think all those things concerns us hehehe i hope and we hope for the better change and for me ( as a new citizen ) i must have to learn and understand more of the politic side.

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