Saturday, June 16, 2012

2nd Birthday bash

Second birthday that my daughter had attended last saturday. Birthday picnic in the park :)
nice birthday invitation
our gift ( a nice shirt from uk ) and a teddy bear will join too ( must bring a bear as noted on the invitation )
i made strawberry tiramisu - "Fraisamisu" in individual glass dishes
personalized for the birthday celebrant ...and
i also made ( from scratch ) bear shaped apple pies....
but it didn't turn out like a real bear shape lol
so the ending, i didn't bring them for the picnic ( yeah never mind )
some photos of daughter's classmate ( obviously she has more boys...friend than girls )
there was also a very nice cake made by the mother of bday celebrant
there was also games and lots of good treats ( nice paint huh ) bravo anak!
and face painting " the little clowns " ( théo's mom -the face painter! thank u )
the bday boy!!!
got pahabol birthday invitation again from last week
The double birthday bash will be next week, next saturday! Bibingclara's classmate and school mate's bdays so it will gonna be a lot of fun. Party! party ;)

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