Friday, June 8, 2012

Baked goodies

Not only sugared cookies we brought for the school fair, i also bakes some filipino desserts for tasting :)
 sugared cookies - packed with used colored folder and recycled lace ( from clothes )
 rochers à la noix de coco - coconut macaroons
 my new creation - biko balls
 3 big biko balls ( for the teacher, assistant and trainee of the class )
 gateau au manioc - cassava cake
gateau du riz avec sesame - sticky rice balls with sesame seeds
A piece of cake for an exchange of one ticket ( costs 0.50 cents ) tickets can be found at the school entrance. We just gave the baked goodies and the school managed everything. A lot of parents also participated by bringing some dishes ( there was also bbq's = 3 tickets ). All the profits from the said fair will goes to school. By the way, all the cake liners ( Large, Medium and Small ) are came from 1.50 euro store. At last, i find its use. Upnext, Fête de l'école post :)

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