Friday, June 8, 2012

Cookies for the kids

A day ahead of fête de l'école - school fair/school feast, my daughter and i got so busy making cookies for her class. We made the easiest and simpliest cookies. I did the cutting and my assistant did the decorating :)
letters cookie cutter bought from 1.50 Euros store ( long-time ago sa wakas nagamit din )
 yes, i made and cutted each cookies by name
 the cookie decorator ( kahit pasaway hehehe )
 the advantage is favor sa pinakamahabang pangalan gosh i got an error here the name is CHEMSEEDINE ( the longest name in the class  )  but i arranged it wrongly by CHEmesedine naduling na ata ako hehehe :(
28 childrens - 27 in Bibingclara's class plus i made an extra dun sa kakambal na classmate ni Bibingclara na nasa kabilang class :)
It was a big work for us but i'm satisfied because the childrens enjoyed their personalized cookies. Actually, the parents still pouring their "thank you's" to me each time i cross them in school. Well, it was a pleasure, seeing childrens smile when they got their cookie is fullfilling ( it was the teacher who distributed the cookies  to each child together with their card for the fair ) Before i end, there's a funny story because Bibingclara finds the sugar cookies so delicious! so at the end of the baking Bibingclara wanted to taste test each letters ( cookie ) i said " no anak, i will missed letter for each name" well, she simply said ( to convince me ) " you know mama, they're will be a lot of absent tomorrow so let me taste it" hahaha i laughed out loud oh my goodness buti nalang i have some extra's kasi yung ibang cookies ay nasunog so i re-baked some. Cookie recipe? click here  :)


Cielo said...

nice! next time try putting some royal icing for a more festive appearance. bakit nasunog? manipis ba yung cookies mo?

Maruhya said...

oo nga but i havent tried royal icing kelangan makapag praktis. i already put too much work on it sa pagkaka cut hanggang sa pagbalot. Nasunog nakalimutan sa oven oo nga saka medyo manipis sya napipi masyado ng rolling pin :)