Friday, June 8, 2012

Fête de l'école 2012

So quick and fast! the summer school vacation is near then school year 2012-2013 is next ( september ). Before end of the school year, traditionally there's always school fête happening each year. The first Bibingclara's fête de l'école 2011 experience here. That time i was absent she was only went with her father. This time ( last sunday ) i was present and i have been able to bring baked goodies. It was lot of fun i focused on the buffet hehehe and here are some photos taken :)
spotted the cassava there's also cups of mixed candies on the side
salted cakes? mini pizzas i guess ( have not tried it, i chose to save ticket for bbq's )
mini frosted cupcakes and spotted the coconut macaroons
brownies, banana cake? and my biko balls ( mukhang inisnab nsa gilid kasi )
Parents also participated and help organized the games. Claudebiko was assigned to the candy tree ( Bibingclara got two rounds = 1 ticket per game )
she likes fishing...
duck :) ( she has the same photo as last year's )
there's also face painting corner = 2 tickets ( théo's mom in blue )
butterfly - my daughter's into butterfly she said she likes butterfly also inspired maybe with the butterfly cookies that théo's mom made/offered us last april :)
oopsss this is quiche with walnut yummy = 1 ticket i like it very much i shared the half to Claudebiko and i also bought beef samosa, 2 pcs for = 2 tickets yummy and winner!!!
Now back to the game .....
tumbahan ng lata powk! ( théo's dad also participated and assigned in that game )
the best of friends ( Bibingclara and Théophile )
with another classmate daniel fun! fun! fun!
the last game = bunutan ng sipit hahaha
ahh nagutom si mademoiselle butterfly - she enjoyed her plain sausage sandwhich while Claudebiko and i had Merguez ( cooked over the grill ) with lots of mustard on top.
The school fête started at 10am and it finished around 2pm ( i went home earlier around 1pm coz i have to prepare another batches of goodies for our garage sale next day ) the day wasn't end yet coz around 3pm Bibingclara had to attend to her classmate's birthday party :) Hectic ang schedule hehehe

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