Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visit to a friend in Uk

We met again our long-time filipina friend when we visited England. The last time we saw them was in 2006 and their son Alexander was still a little little baby and that year, we haven't still have our Bibingclara. Our meeting for the second time was a full blast. Alexander and Bibingclara played a lot during the day ( even one speak french and the other one speaks english hehehe ). Me too, i blabbed a lot but in Tagalog coz it's more easier lol. Our friend cooked delicious foods! We arrived a bit late for lunch but still i get the chance to take some photos and see her cooking :)
baked potatoes ( this was just came out from the oven ) she just cooked it with double cream and butter on top ( similar to potato gratin except my version which i put too much grated cheese ) this one had no cheese, simple, easy and very delicious!!!
green beans on the go.... i like her set of cookware from Le Creuset that's the type of cooking set i am dreaming of for my kitchen awwww
Alexander and Bibingclara
they were both so excited
talking while having an aperitif drink
chitchatting in the kitchen while the host prepping veggies
voilà the foods! baby carrots, kale, potatoes, green beans and Beef Burgundy
look how Alexandre eating, Claudebiko and i were surprised this little boy eating mustard yeah not light but strong one from Maille
Miam! miam! that's my plate. First time i ate kale ( the green salad on the side ) salad na niluluto! interesting i find it here in a form of cabbage and we called it Chou frisé yeah i have got the same translation in Google. I get curious on this veggie that's why i get so excited to cook it at home. Yeah i tried it already at home few days ago but made and include it in soup :)
cheers smile everybody!
i have not in the first photo so Bibingclara took one with me of course
play time before dessert
dessert time we had apple toffee cake ( i will make mine soon ) and ice cream
the friends ( over the internet aka "paris" and "apple" )
how funny we were before heading the train station. naku muntik nang mabali ang braso ko kaka-pektyur kasi naman muntik ng isara yung pinto ng car eh yung kamay ko nakalusot hehehe ( mukhang napapagod na si Alexander sa ingay )
my busog picture inside the train
Hubby took a photo, he was sitted in front of me. He was teasing me saying i'm a B and B. I thought it means big and beautiful like big beauty but according to him it is only big built hehehe ( asero ).  Going back to South of London. Good thing there were not too much passenger kaya pwedeng humilata sa loob hehehe. We had a good lunch and wonderful time with friends. Really :)


Cielo said...

love the animal print top (or is it a dress? hehehe) pretty!

Maruhya said...

hahaha oo mahaba nga yung blouse mukhang dress actually pang gabi yan evening collection ng Zara pede mag stocking lang ng itim kaso di ko carry hehehe kaya nag leg warmer ako malamig nung nandun kame kasi maulan tas mahangin pa :)